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Stage For Change is a new theater company founded by  Theater producer J, Evone Garcia in 2016. J, Evone Garcia has been producing plays since 2003 and this upcoming Play in 2020 will be his debut project under his company. At Stage For Change we’re about creating original Nonfiction powerful theater plays that shift perspectives, bridge communities and Shed light on the monstrous affects of discrimination and prejudice which go hand and hand. We also aim to create public awareness on local social issues to country wide corruption and misconceptions. Our plays are both extremely comedic and dramatic bringing you to a place where you’ll laugh your ass off and  cry your heart out all at the same time. We strive to reach people /get our point across by touching humans deepest emotions, fear, love and joy so come be enlightened, laugh, cry and see a great event and leave feeling refreshed with a smile and knowledge.

S.F.C is also an open place where artist, whether  professional, amateur, beginner or just curious could use our platform and stages to practice and sharpen their skills all while using us a stepping stone towards reaching their ultimate dreams and asperations. Basically a community of Artist that empower other artist and individuals that want to be artist.

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