Trauma is a Theatrical play aimed at raising awareness around Trauma and its affects from the serious to the comedic. In “Trauma” as always we will be using individual stories and material gathered from interviews and research to create an original, nonfiction play to be shown at the Castro Theater in San Francisco and The Grand theater in Oakland. Like every Stage For Change production, It’s going to be one hilarious and dramatic eye opening play that’ll bring you to a place where you’ll laugh your ass off and cry your heart out all at the same time. At SFC we strive to reach people/get our point across by touching humans deepest emotions, fear, love and joy. Through that people will come see the Play, be enlightened, laugh, cry, see a great event and leave feeling refreshed with a smile and knowledge.

The idea of the Play Trauma stems from a brutal attack on a Father. A brutal attack that came in the fashion of a completely unnecessary and purposely orchestrated Custody Battle meant solely to inflict pain. A Custody Battle that involved restraining order requests, almost a year and a half of gut wrenching court hearings, a horrific smear campaign and bogus, erroneous and unfounded abuse allegations that ultimately led to a father wrongfully loosing his 6 year old daughter temporarily to the actual person inflicting the abuse. Not until the Court allowed the child under the fathers request to speak for herself and tell the Court her own truth. For the father, he lived in complete utter torment, fear and terror that he might actually loose custody of his daughter to the actual abuser every single second of that year and a half. For the child was forced to cope with the unbearable fact of being betrayed and has lost trust on some of the very people she should have trust in, a Mother. Trauma!