Transcending Voices

Transcending Voices is a Theater play aimed at raising social awareness and acceptance around human sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identification. We will be using individual stories and material gathered from interviews and research to create an original, nonfiction play to be shown at the Castro Theater in San Francisco and The Grand theater in Oakland with the possibility of a national tour. It’s going to be one hilarious and dramatic eye opening play that’ll bring you to a place where you’ll laugh your ass off and cry your heart out all at the same time. We strive to reach people/get our point across by touching humans deepest emotions, fear, love and joy. Through that people will come see the Play and be enlightened, laugh, cry, see a great event and leave feeling refreshed with a smile and knowledge. 

Our mission with T.V is to end prejudice and discrimination based on patriarchal historical norms on sexual orientation and gender identity, educate parents to accept their children, build communities to be more welcoming and tolerant, allow kids in school to be more confident and basically allow humans to be who they choose to be. We would like to make the general public more aware and accountable for their own behaviors and actions which damage and hurt not only the queer community but all communities as well. Simply put, our objective is to be the voice and vehicle for those that have passed and can no longer tell their stories, and those that are currently living and are not heard and or afraid to speak.