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Thank you for viewing,  I’ve had the ad below out for quite a while now and that’s because we are always looking for new writers to add to the project. So if you have a personal story to write about or someone else’s to tell or would like to interview people to gather material please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re looking for writers interested in writing 4 to 5 minute monologues and this script has 12 of them to chose from. Still interested?  read on! and thank you.

•Local theater producer searching for additional local San Francisco/Oakland bay area writers to Collaborate in writing a script for a play to be put on at the Castro Theater. The project is sure to be a whole lot of fun to put together. Everyone, regardless of color, nationality, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation is encouraged to reply because the play is going to be exactly about that, Human sexuality & Sexual orientation. Comedic and dramatic writers are especially encouraged to reply because it’s going to be one hilarious and dramatic eye opening play. Thank you and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

PS:  Below I copied and pasted an ad that we currently have out looking for interviewees so you could have a better idea of what it is we are working on.

Local theater production company, Stage for Change, is putting together a show to raise social awareness and acceptance around sexual orientation and gender identification. We are interviewing individuals who are willing to tell their stories and real life experiences, both comedic and tragic. If you are an LGBTQ/Alphabet person that has experienced any kind of discrimination, abuse or hate crime as a result of your sexual orientation or gender identity, or if you know of anyone that has a story to tell along these lines, please contact us. Additionally, if you have experiences, stories or anecdotes that revel in the irony or hilarity of life, we want to talk to you! If you are a straight and/or gender conforming person and you have witnessed a loved one be abused or rejected as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity, please shoot us an email.

We will be using your stories and material to create an original, nonfiction play/work to be shown at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, with the possibility of a national tour. Your name and personal details/information will remain anonymous as the material will be played out by actors/actresses

Our mission is to end prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, educate parents to accept their children, build communities to be more welcoming and tolerant, allow kids in school to be more confident. We would like to make the general public more aware and accountable for their own behaviors and actions which damage and hurt queer and all other individuals. Simply put, our objective is to be the voice and vehicle for those that have passed and can no longer tell their stories, and those that are currently living and are not heard………

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